Website Optimisation

If you browse around the Web today you’ll come across many fantastic looking and interactive websites. Unfortunately, search engines don’t really think much of them. When it comes to getting well placed and ranked in the search engine results pages (SERPs), these sites generally don’t do very well.

As well as designing websites, SEO Web Expert also offers web page and website optimisation which is the process of altering both the content and structure of a web page (and site) so that it performs well in terms of performance as well as in the search engine results pages (SERPs).
Web page performance

Many factors affect the speed at which a web page loads including images, javascript, content, location, dynamic page creation and more, and it is now believed that Google factors the performance of your website into its ranking algorithms, so a slow loading page is not going to help boost your website higher up the SERPs. And let’s be honest, no-one likes waiting for a webpage to load!

Many websites were developed using software that “bloats” each web page. SEO Web Expert is able to analyse and reduce the size of your web pages to decrease the page’s loading time. And if you like your current web design, I can just remove the unnecessary code behind the page without altering its layout. Or, if you prefer, I am able to totally reconstruct your website.
Optimisation for search engines

Perhaps more importantly, I can make changes to the content of your website to help it rank better in Google, Yahoo, Bing and more by changing certain “tags” in the code behind each web page such as the title, headings, bold text, italic text as well as the keyword density, image names, alt tags, the footer and more…

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