Best of the Web

The number and quality of links pointing to your website / webpage are a major factor in determining how well your site / page ranks in the search engines. These are called backlinks.

One of the oldest and most established premium web directories is called Best of the Web (often shortened to BOTW). It allows you to get a listing in their directory for a small fee.

I can say from experience, that Google values a link to your site from them very highly. I have submitted many of my clients’ websites to the Best of the Web Directory, and after their listing has been approved and Google has indexed and updated its cache, I have seen an improvement in search engine rankings.

If you want more help you can discuss with a marketing consultant .


Every little while, Best of the Web release a discount or promo code that can be used to save money on the cost of your submission and review in their directory. This page is updated frequently with any promo codes so please be sure to bookmark and check back often.

For a massive 20% discount until 30th September 2012, click on the banner below to visit their website and enter the code FALL20 at the checkout. This code will give you a discount on any of the Best of the Web directories. i.e.

  • Web
  • Blog
  • UK

This code is valid until 30th September 2012, so be quick and take advantage of this offer before it runs out!